"After participating and performing at the 2nd Petit Montmartre event and receiving great audience feedback, I am impatiently anticipating the 3rd event in September! The atmosphere was very friendly and filled with love! From a musician point of view, my group Aux Amis really enjoyed the other wonderful talent that day. All the performing artists were approachable, creatively unique and flat-out entertaining! Above all, it brought a smile to Aux Amis to see all the joyful people of all age and diversity sharing and growing together as one big happy community! Oh, did I mention it’s getting bigger every event!? Can’t wait for the next one!" - PM 1 & 2 Musician

"My mother had a stroke 6 months ago, and my father died 6 months before that. Tonight, when I got to paint for 5 minutes, I experienced the first moment of peace that I've had in a year. Thank you for doing this! And my mother has been able to express, through painting, her new experience after the stroke, which has given me the idea to propose art access to other stroke survivors, and then publish their collected work in a book. Would Petit Montmartre be interested in participating in that?" - PM 2 Guest

"A local homeless man that I've talked to before came through, and he showed me his sketch book. He sat down nearby, and I gave him some of my paints to use since he doesn't have any." -PM 1 & 2 Artist

"I moved here with my family from Seattle where I had a little artist community, and this (Petit Montmartre) is what I have been looking for in LA. I will be back next time for the whole day!" -PM 2 Artist

"It was my pleasure! It was a wonderful event and I was impressed at how well you put it together and at the great ideas you have. You can count on me...to help you with your next one, too." - PM Volunteer (Local children's librarian)

"Glad we were of help. Our girls had a lot of fun, I'm sure we'll be seeing you next month. Let us know if we can be of more help." - Local Business Owner who loaned the PA system and kids tables for PM 2

"I had a great time! I think it is a really cool event and again, I love the fact that you're investing in Atwater Village." - PM 1 Musician

"The event was a lot of fun, as well as a great creative space! I'm totally interested in displaying some of my art in the Revo Cafe as well." - PM 1 & 2 Artist

"It was a pleasure to perform for your event today. We had a lot of fun! Just want to confirm with you that we'd love to play on 9/22 for your event. Thanks again for being so supportive!" - PM 2 Musician

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