Thursday, September 26, 2013

Petit Montmartre 3 REVIEW

Thanks to the Artists, Musicians, Volunteers, & Guests for bringing their amazing talents to the Revo Cafe courtyard on Sunday, September 22nd, to re-create the artist corner of Paris! We had our best turn-out yet, and incorporated new elements of literary arts, mentoring, and spontaneous kiddo dancing!

Find below some moments from the day captured through the lens of master photographer, Jim Kuo, at Half Stop More Photography. Special thanks also to Andy Silk of Tell Visual Stories for the sound system and Brett Jaxel of Silverlake Community Church for the set-up. And, once again, thanks to Rewind Audio for the table loans, and thanks to The Atwater Village Branch Library for the books and brushes!

The astounding Jackie Hadnot, local large-scale wood carver, who specializes in pieces related to Rail Road History. See him display and work live at Travel Town on Octobe 20th from 10-5!

Petit "Petit Montmartre" has a shaded area where kids & parents could relax with artsy picture books;
 a cute booth to display craft projects from which families could choose projects to make together;
and, of course, multiple surfaces, mediums, and supplies with which to experiment!
Animal Saints Painter, Clare Hebert, creating live, explaining to guests her process
(a dying gold-leaf on wood technique learned from a monk).
Whimsical Artist, Illustrator, Sculptor, & Painter, Rolandas Dabrukas,
playing around with his guest around his hand-painted mailboxes.
Mixed Media Artist, Cindy Rico, discusses her pieces with neighborhood Painter, Julie.
Jess Lane, local caricaturist (who specializes in pet portraits),
sets up shop in a cool corner of the courtyard.
Abstract Artist, MarHak, mentoring a Petit Picasso.
Collaborative, Portable easel designed by Cat Moore Art & Kanesworks.
The multi-talented MarHak pulling double-duty as a musician in two separate acts...
not to mention his painting demoing and mentoring. Amazing.
Spontaneous ground painting.
These two little girls became instant friends, becoming dance partners
once their masterpiece was complete!
Whimsical Artist, Rolandas Dabrukas, explaining his process and technique to a
local student @ The Art Center.
Photographer, Laura Casner, shares her work with neighboring Artist, Rolandas Dabrukas & his wife, a local childrens theater director.

Join us for Petit Montmartre 4... coming soon! CatMooreArt@Gmail.Com for Artist & Musician registration, volunteer opportunities, and sponsorship potential.